If you're looking for some seriously great street food, KnoxvilleFoodTrucks.com has got it for you !!   Here in Knoxville, we love our mobile food vendors and they
seem to be growing by the day. You see them set up in parking lots, downtown, business parks, construction sites, special events...  What you don’t know, is
that some of the best and freshest food in Knoxville is served by these talented, professional food vendors. You can get all types of food, from burgers and
dogs, to gourmet fare, to ethnic cuisine and everything in between.  The purpose of this web page is to provide a central location for you to find
and patronize these licensed, permitted mobile food vendors.  You'll enjoy the food, we're sure !!  Thanks for stopping by !!

If you wish to contact any of these Mobile Food Vendors for Catering, Locations or other inquiries, please do so from their individual web or social media pages.


Hey Knoxville !! We'd like to thank you all for supporting the food truck movement here in K-town...  The City ordinance that makes us PERMANENT
is coming up in front of the City Council and there's a Group that has spoken out against some things in it.  So, in the interest of full disclosure, we've published
the Ordinance and the letter from Community Forum.  Here's the link to view it:  www.knoxvillefoodtrucks.com/ordinance.html  On this page, there's another link to
view the Ordinance itself.  It's a 9-page PDF file...  Click on these links and give it a read, see what you think.  We love being here, we love serving our
community and providing you with innovative, professional cuisine.  Comments ?  Email us here webmaster@knoxvillefoodtrucks.com

Roast Beef, Fries, Beverages

Big O's Famous BBQ
Homestyle Southern BBQ

Breezy Weenie's Pub Grub
Pub Grub, Sandwiches, Tacos, Desserts

Checkerboard Cheese
Grilled Cheese, Sides, Beverages

Chef Deuce's Island Grill
Chef Inspired Caribbean Yankee Fusion

Dale's Fried Pies
Sweet, Savory Hand Pies

Dinner Bell Fresh
Plant-tastic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Healthy

Farm to Griddle Crepes
Gourmet Crepes and Tacos

Forks on the Road
Sliders, Sides, Beverages

Gonzo Gourmet
Ass't American Gourmet Fare

Hawg Dawgs
Gourmet Bacon-Wrapped Dogs & Fresh Cut Fries

Holy Smokin BBQ
BBQ Pork, Ribs, Wings

Jamamerican Jerk Centre
Jamamerican, lil bit a alright

Oishii Knox
Serving Fast Fresh Asian Food

Poutine Mobile
Authentic Canadian Poutine, Ass't Sides, Beverages

Quick Fix Coffee
Hot, Cold and Frozen Coffee and Teas

Retro Taco
Cali-Mex Street Food

Rollin' Smoke Catering
Authentic BBQ Food Truck & Catering

Savory & Sweet
Scratch-Made Seasonal Cuisine

The Gypsy Kitchen
Mobile Kitchen and Catering

The Lunch Box
New Orleans Style Cuisine, Tornado Potato

Farm-to-Table Food, Local Grown


Please note:  All Mobile Food Vendors listed are licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of Knoxville, Knox County and the Knox County Health Department in accordance with all rules and regulations set forth in the Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program.  You can feel confident in the safety and sanitation of these vendors. 

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