Our Food Truck is perfect for your event that needs a little boost of caffeine from our Knoxville-based Coffee Truck.

We offer Espresso, Iced Lattes, Hot Lattes, Cold Brew Coffee poured over ice, and of course a delicious Brewed Coffee. If you have

Knoxville coffee truck - Caramel Macciato

Enjoy a delicious iced caramel macchiato or even a hot macchiato from our cute little gelato and coffee truck. Lattes, espresso and brewed coffee abound.

a younger crowd or maybe a kids birthday party we can help you there as well.  We make an amazing Mocha Latte Dark for the older kids and the younger ones will love our freshly made Hot Chocolate.

There are catering options for drop-off coffee service (especially good for office delivery is our line of Cold Brew Coffees) or full-service coffee service from our Gelato Coffee and Waffle Truck.   Our minimum fee for drop-off service is $350 and our full-service coffee service for larger events is $1,500.00 You can learn more about both of the catering services via our website GelatoBrothers.com

We are glad to send you information via our Catering Inquiry Form.  After you fill out the form we are glad to do sampling at your convenience at our Flagship shop in Talbott, Tn.

ps. we are very popular as a dessert and coffee truck for catering weddings in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg area.  Brides and Grooms seem to love our gelato and coffee as an alternative for a wedding cake.  We can serve over 100 folks in an hour with our brewed and cold brew lines.

Our family ran business looks forward to seeing you at your special event.   Please check us out on our Social Media pages on Instagram and Facebook.